Drug Addiction

When it comes to drug abuse treatments, there are often certain stages that an individual has to progress through in order to maximise their chances of success in the long term.

Admitting to having a problem is the first and most important step alongside deciding to get help, following this, a detox programme is often next, then a formal rehabilitation period, and then after this it’s often down to the individual to choose where they will progress next.

Unfortunately, after the set stages of rehab treatment, people often feel at a loss of how to proceed, and despite the fact that an individual may have performed exceptionally during treatment, and make huge strides towards long term sobriety, in the real world, even the smallest set back can lead to relapse, and this can be a serious downfall for many.

Trying to find ways to reduce levels of relapse is often the focus of researchers, and they have investigated virtually every avenue, from how others affect outcomes, to how location may play a role. But some of the newest developments in this area are looking at how pharmaceuticals may be able to help encourage long term sobriety, and prevent relapse.

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