Ensure Your Family Look After and Take Care of Their Teeth and Gums

Maintain Your Oral Hygiene for Healthy-Looking Teeth and Gums

Our teeth and gums are incredibly important for leading a healthy, active lifestyle. Not only are your teeth and gums important for your oral hygiene, but they’re also key for your mental health too.

“57% of British people are unhappy with the current state of their teeth.”

Basic health and hygiene can keep your teeth looking natural and your gums healthy. However, if you have any missing or damaged teeth, there are dependable solutions that can help you today.

Brush Your Teeth

It’s something we’re told to do from an early age, yet you’ll be surprised at how many people don’t brush their teeth at least twice a day.

“Latest research shows that 4 in 10 British people fail to brush their teeth daily.”

Brushing your teeth is vital to ensure that bacteria is removed, preventing from plaque building up. The surface of your teeth, the enamel, isn’t smooth and bacteria can lurk within the crevices. Brushing your teeth removes build-up and cleans your gums too.

Importance in Keeping Healthy Gums

It’s super important to clean your gums; when untouched, they build plaque leaving them red and inflamed.

Which can lead to missing teeth!

No one wants missing teeth, ever! That’s why it is important to know where to go if this occurs. Dentists also have to make sure you are eligible for implants and whether you require a sinus lift beforehand (not enough bone in your upper jaw)

Learn more about missing teeth from this dentist here.

Regular Dental Check-Ups

Visiting the dentist is incredibly important, yet we continue holding ourselves off from going. It is recommended that we should visit the dentist at least once every six months.

Your dentist is a trained professional and can spot any lingering problems or threats to your oral health. They also ensure your teeth are cleaned properly too. We get our cars checked and serviced yearly, so start doing the same with your teeth.

If you don’t, it will lead to bigger issues that might be costly as you seek out an emergency dentist (this is the cheapest we found for £99).

Improving your Diet

Sugar and other substances are highly-damaging to your teeth and gums. Sugary drinks such as cola can cause tooth decay as the acidy substance wears down the enamel of each tooth. Other drinks such as wine can also stain your teeth too.

Improving your diet is greatly beneficial to not just your teeth, but your body as well. This will help improve the strength of your teeth and gums, ensuring that they won’t wear done quickly the older you get.

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